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BATEMANS BAY GFC TOLLGATE ISLAND TOURNAMENT - 20th-22nd of January 2017, Briefing being held on Thursday 19th January and Fishing 20th-22nd.


JB GFC Fishing Report & Recorders Message

Southern Zone Point Score Operates.

Attached is some info about our Southern Zone point score.

We obviously have an internal club point score, other waters categories which are for every other day of the year and at any location.


Dave Fenech


changed point score sharks.pdf



G'day All Members,

The Club House build has been front and centre for us this year. As we approach completion, we really need the support of all our members to ensure we have the required funding to finish this iconic milestone in the clubs history. Completion will be happening over the next 4 weeks, but as you will appreciate, that will leave us with very limited funding to run our Tournament and other club activities.

We need your help. Please make sure:
- You renew your membership ASAP if you have not done so already.
- Encourage new members including any friends or family members who are interested.
- Should you wish, make a donation to the club to help with our funding- this can be in cash, prizes or labour.
- Get involved and help at Tournaments etc.
Benefits include:
- Access to our club house.
- Ability to fish any Game Fishing Tournament in Australia.
- Ability to claim records.
- Access to a wealth of information from experienced Anglers and Skippers.
- One of the cheapest Club's to join.
- Ability to weigh fish at our gantry and club house.

We look forward to seeing you all at the Fundraiser And club opening day on Saturday the 23rd of July. Yours truly will be doing a talk on game fishing along with lots of other great activities.

On the fisning front, the Tuna have shown up and its great to see both Yellowfin and Bluefin coming in. Now is the time to get out their chasing them so don't hold back. They wont be here for long!

I would like to take a second to congratulate Lisa Houlford for taking out CHAMPON ANGLER overall in our club which is a mammoth achievement especially for a female knocking off all our so called "blokes" well done lady, I am so proud of you. And yes I am bias because she fishes on my boat! Her hubby Iain Houlford may be a little responsible too!

Happy Fishing!

Anthony Raco.



Whether you're new to gamefishing, a seasoned pro, or just want a fun day out for the family; this will be one not to be missed. Come down and learn a thing or two and check out OUR NEW CLUBHOUSE!

On the day we've got:
*Special talk on all the benefits you will get by joining a Game Fishing Club and why our Club is one of the best!
*Sausage sizzle - Our very own Master Chef Dave Fenech on the grill.
* Kids activities - name that fish, casting comp and knot tying.
*Game fishing talk - Anthony from Band of Brothers Fishing will be going through techniques and tackle.
*Hands on rigging - Martin from Tackle To You will be going through rigging DO's and DON'Ts. You can even bring your favourite lure, down and rig them up on the Tackle To You bench.
*Raffles and giveaways including game reels, lures, terminal tackle and vouchers!!
So bring the family down to the clubhouse, Woollamia boat ramp for the day and support us!




Southern Zone Interclub results 2016.


Easter Friendly Wrap Up.

Big thanks to all who turned up and all that Helped.

The Tony and Maria Carnevale and their family and friends who made a huge effort in providing a perfect dinner of high quality seafood to top off a great day Big Thanks.

Big thanks to all the Sponsors because without them, events like this can't take place -
Orangeville Meat Company
JB Lures
Tackle to You

The event was very successful with a multitude of species being caught.

Please send all pics available for the day to me by MMS to my mobile 0418118068 or Email

Congratulations to Thomas Zammit , new member Small Fry at only 11 yrs scoring his first Black Marlin at the banks fishing on team X-Factor, well done guys, Thomas is still smiling.

Results for the day and congratulations to all attendees

Biggest Flathead Franco Raco
Biggest Kingfish Mikey James
Biggest Tuna Charlote Warnecke
Biggest Snapper Angela Bandulet
Highest Point Scoring Junior Angler Mikey James
Highest Point Scoring Small Fry Charlote Warnecke
Prize Categories:  
Highest Point Scoring Angler in total Charlote Warnecke
2nd Highest point Scoring Angler Mikey James
3rd highest Point Scoring Angler Thomas Zammit
Lucky Angler Award Dylan Zammit

Some Pics of Thomas's Black on X-Factor and Domenica III Team having a Ball on the day. Click here for Photos

By Dave Fenech


Ulladulla Weekend X-Factor Report.

Fished half a day Friday in 40fa in shit condition doing no good.

Saturday we dropped one strait away and saw another free swimmer before heading wide for a blue. Long story short the area we left went off and wide looked lifeless so we came back in as the bite shut down lol. Ended up tagging one on a jb pink chook. Ross's first marlin a stripe about 70kg.

Sunday started exactly like Saturday we hooked up on 10 straight away but after 30min we busted the mainline right at the boat. Hooked up 5 min later but pulled the circle hook and then went 3 from 5.

Report from Mat Xib X-Factor


Off Tap crew.

Borgy and I hit sydney again, beautifull day on the water, another disappointing effort on the Beakies again for me, I need to get this early Monkey off my back. Scored a few Slimies in close on the way out and used these to turn them into a 14kg and 10kg Dollie, Borgys first big Dollie, we had 16.6 deg Water at the shelf can you believe.

Ulladulla Tournie this weekend and you guys with Facebook will know how much its been firing the last couple of weeks.

By Dave Fenech


New member Adam and his team "Barney" fished their first tournament last weekend and have provided this report below. Well done guys!

Team Barney Report Bermigue Big Fish Tournament.

My cousin Chris Mills (Eden club) and I fished the Bermi Bluewater on the weekend. Following is an update of our trip.

We arrived in bermi around 11am and Friday and headed out to the 12 mile around 12. We managed one fish on the Friday falling to a live bait while we set up some skip baits. The fish took a live slimy on 10kg. An hour later we had the tag in him and away he went. Estimated him around 80kg.

Saturday was a terrible day especially from my small boat. We stuck it out until 230 with nothing to show for our efforts.

Sunday was a great day. We ruined our skips and managed a nice fish around the 110kg mark on 24. This fish gave me an absolute flogging. After a nasty battle he also received a tag for his troubles and swam away happily. This is probably my biggest Marlin to date and my first tagged in competition.

Monday was another great day on the water though the fish proved to be a little more scarce. With an hour or so to go in fishing we finally managed to attract a bite for Chris, not long after his fish received the tag and was happily released. This was also Chris' first fish tagged in competition. Probably around the 65kg mark.

Unfortunately we hadn't done enough to finish in the prizes but our first Comp as far as we were concerned was a great success and really enjoyable. We've now added a new string to our bow having been successful using skip baits for the first time. We'll definitely be back.



Aussie Day Holiday Blue and Suprize off Sydney.

Xfactor scored this unofficial 122kg Blue off Sydney, Died on the line to a JB lure, Unregistered Angler, but his first fish so well done boys.

The heaviest Marlin is still being won by Shaun Loiterton with a 103kg Stripe.

OffTap had a suprize scoring their first ever Wahoo off Sydney also on a JB Lure, " Tournie prize" this also died but on the Gaff LOL went 13kg on 24 so no good for points but unreal for dinner.

Any reports u would like to share send the pics and report.

by Dave Fenech


Team Simrad "Domenica III" Golden Lure Tournie.

The Band of Brothers Boat Domenica III as “Team Simrad” results at The Golden Lure:

Crew: Anthony Raco, Dennis Minuti, Iain and Lisa Houlford.

10 Black Marlin tagged and 1 Dolphin Fish

- Champion senior angler Lisa Houlford
- Champion female angler Lisa Houlford
- Second place overall champion Boat Tag and Release.

Thanks to a top crew for a great week! We've done alright up here, second, first and second over 3 years. Hopefully we can stay up there next year for what is a great Tournament!

Well Done Team Simrad.

Click here for all Photo's


New member Troy Russell on his boat "Julianne" went 5-3-2 on the weekend at the Kink and 2 up Pic of one of the Stipes he tagged , well done.
Any Pics and reports if u would like to share please email.

Also well done to X-Factor fishing Batemans Bay Tournie winning Trailer boat section with one Stripe that had them running around for over 3 hours on 15, Liam on the rod shed a few tears the story is Well done also.

"The Master" also at Batemans Tournie Saturday scoring a nice Stripe to Martin after he run the rest of his crew down to beat them to the rod.

Caige and I on "Off Tap" went 0 from 3 at the Tournie after we had a Decent Blue Marlin Die after 2 hours and straightened hooks 15m below boat trying to raise the dead fish.

"Nothing Heard", yes that is his boats name, makes the Tournament Base sound weird calling that out during the tournies, anyway Jb member Ben fished Jb and scored a Stripe around the 70 mark also. Well done.

Dave Fenech

Troy Russells Nice and Healthy Little Stripe.


NSW Interclub 2015, X-Factor.

“X-Factor” JBGFC Report, Mat Xiberras, Dave Xiberras, Chris Barsha.

Day 1: we launched at nice and early in preparation for the sail past, thinking we would be heading back in shortly after due to the terrible weather forecast but to our surprise it was a little sloppy but quiet fishable. We headed up to Seal Rocks after large numbers of black marlin being caught there the week earlier. Apon arrival we could see things had changed with much cooler water and less bait than the previous week. We sent out a couple of baits on 8kg and 10kg and within an hour we were hooked up to our first black marlin of the tournament that took the surface bait on 8kg. After a short fight we had the tag in a fish of around 30kg for Chris which played up a bit on the trace and almost joined us in the boat. Shortly after we had our second and final bite for the day which turned out to be a dollie that we also tagged on 8kg. We persisted in conditions that got progressively worse but unfortunately didn't see anything else.

Day 2: once again we headed to sea expecting to be back shortly after with the 25-30 knt NE forecast but once again we were surprised to be fishing in sloppy but fishable conditions. We headed back up to Seal Rock despite our reasonably quiet day the day before but with reports of quiet fishing everywhere and the leading boats fishing the same area we decided it would be the best choice. At around 12pm after not even getting a touch and very little being seen by other boats in the area we made the decision to head wide. This proved to be a smart move with much better water on the shelf and unbelievable amounts of flying fish we knew it was only a matter of time. At around 2:30 we hooked a good blue that took a pink chook on long corner. This fish took around 700m on it opening run but ended up charging and narrowly missing the boat. With a huge belly in the line Chris got to work and at around 45 minutes we got a tag into the fish. It was at this stage once it took to the air beside the boat that we decided to pull the gaffs out and take the fish. It took another 45min to get the very stubborn fish on the leader. Gaffs went in and after a bit of a struggle we got the blue measuring 2.62 short length in the boat. This fish later weighed in at 175.3kg on 24kg the largest marlin weighed so far.

Day 3: after the week of work and studying the previous weekends results we headed out with the decision to fish all 37kg tackle and try and take out that line class category. We put lures in the water in close in 60ftms and hooked a black almost straight away. This fish unfortunately threw the hooks after a few minutes after taking a 15inch custom JB lure known as a 2 jakes. We stayed in close till around 10am when reports of a reasonable bite on the car park filtered through. We ran out and watched boats around us hook up and fight fish. At around 2pm it was our turn with a solid stripe taking the deep bait and being tagged shortly after. Our next fish was a very Agro black that we hooked right in the middle of a tight pack of boats. This fish put on and awesome arieal display and we eventually got at tag in it after tracking south trying to raise it. We slowly got back up to the pack and on arrival hooked another black of a similar size. This fish was tagged quiet quickly and by the time we set the baits up again we were hooked up to our 4th fish for the afternoon. Another black was tagged shortly after. We continued fishing and just before the 10min silence period hooked up to our 5th and largest fish for the afternoon. A very solid black that was missing its bill. This fish was tagged right on stop fishing and we headed back in. We ended off tagged the second most fish by a boat that day. All fish were fought by chris and all on 37kg.

Day 4: we finally had a fourth crew member for the fourth and final day with Richard Farrugia joining us. We fished hard in sloppy conditions with lots of fish being caught around us but unfortunately we couldn't get a bite. We headed in at 3:30 with reports of a 45knt southerly heading up the coast from sydney.

Later that night we attended the presentation where we were awarded heaviest marlin, heaviest blue marlin, heaviest marlin day 2 and champion boat tag and release on 37kg line.


X-Factor at the Port Stephens Interclub.

JBGFC Club Boat X-Factor, with Dave Xiberras, and Crew Mat Xiberras and Chris Barsha have captured a 175.3 Kg on 24kg taken on JB Pink Chook with Chris on the Rod at The Port Stephens Interclub Team X-Factor a 6.8m Haines is leading Capture Boat after the first weekend. Go you good thing! They are back up there again next weekend, good Luck boys.

Dave Fenech.


Shellharbour GFC Tournament Round Up.

JB Booats Team "OffTap" and Team "Punch'N" hit the Shellharbour GFC Tournament on the weekend 37 Registered Boats for the Tournament, Great Comp once again, very well run and the Shellharbour GFC are to be congratulated for the addition this year of the organisation of cheap accomodation for traveling boats, a Caged area for boats and vehicles on site with 12 hour over night security ,the point score updating was also great. Great atmosphere and great bunch of Blokes, Cheers.

I will pass through the Punch'N report once i get it from the boys.

Saturday "OffTap" with Martin, Caige and I, hit the water off Belambie for a quite day until late arvo just before stop fishing when the Long Rigger and JB Evil Dingo gets smashed, With Martin on the rod on 24kg after a 1hr 15min fight and the Blue comes up , upside down and expired. "OffTap" Leading Capture Boat and Angler after the first day with the 121.7 kg Blue Marlin on 24kg which achieved higher points then another blue weighed by "Snooping Around" which went a great 169.9 kg on 37 A few Blues the next day being reported with several hooked and dropped, we had a rod with Main line failure twice and lost the "Evil Dingo" and a "Mini Evil Dingo" to 2 more good Blues, (Not Happy Jan) (Going too see Dave Venn Next week LOL) Call by Caige was to upgrade the Lure to a Evil Chopper and on 37kg, and this is what did the trick the Third Blue for the day came up same position, sticking this time and Martin was on once again , Again this fish come up a little worse for wear and with his colour lost my call was to Take it to the weigh station and seal the Capture for us This Blue went 142.6 kg on 37kg.

"OffTap" going "Highest Point Score Capture Boat" and "Highest Point Score Male Angler" with Martin Borg also buying us in the Calcutta and cleaning up there also Still Buzzing!

Thanks again to SHGFC

Dave Fenech.


Batemans bay Tollgate Island Tournament 2015, on board Team Off-Tap.


Click on , or Copy and Paste this link into your browser to watch

Offtap went 3 Tag and Release Marlin from 9 Hook ups during the Tournie held last weekend 2 Fish were taken on a JB Evil Dingo our most popular Billfish and Tuna Lure Joe xerri, Caige Fenech and I on board.

Most Tagged marlin was 7 Fish for the 3 days.
Heaviest Marlin was a 162kg Blue


JBGFC Team Domenica 3 Fishing The Golden Lure

Report from Anthony Raco and Team Domenica 3 at Port Maquarie Last week.

We arrived at Port Macquarie a week early to have a pre-fish before the Tournament. We fished a total of 4 days for a total of 2 Dolphin fish and 1 Marlin- although these were relatively poor results, what it did was help us determine what the water was doing and where the fish were likely (and unlikely!) to be for Tournament.

It was now time to get serious. We fished the first 2 days of Tournament on Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th of January, for a total of 2 Tagged Marlin and 1 tagged Hammerhead shark. This put us in a respectable 3rd place coming in to the final 2 days of fishing later in the week.

With a great forecast scheduled for the Ladies and Kids day on Tuesday the 14th of January, Dennis and I decided to enter our boys, Ryan and Franco into the Tournament. This turned out to be one of the most memorable fishing days we have ever experienced, tagging Ryan's first, second and third Marlin!

Our anticipation was high as we entered the final 2 days of fishing of the Tournament (Thursday the 16th and Friday the 17th of January). Thanks to the blistering Northeaster the day before, the fishing slowed for the entire fleet on the Thursday. We did manage to Tag one more Marlin and one more Shark- which maintained our 3rd place position. Both fish were caught in the last hour of fishing.......the water turned good and we knew what we needed to do on the final day......

As morning dawned, we headed out for the final day with pure determination to claim the illustrious Golden Lure. Unfortunately by midday, we had only tagged 1 Marlin, and with the boat coming second adding 2 more fish to their tally, we were starting to get nervous. We decided to trust our instinct and persevered with our plan, working an area that was destined to produce more fish as the day went on. 1 o'clock hit and the live bait got slammed. Dennis made light work of the little Black and with some aggressive boat driving, we had the fish boat side within a couple of minutes. Iain landed his Tag shot perfectly, but slipped in the process, busting open his knee cap (this later resulted in him getting 16 stitches!). We did a quick patch job on Iain and continued fishing. The gusty display all-round by our crew was truly inspirational and made me proud to be a part of. We re-set the baits and caught one almost immediately after. Iain tagged it on one leg! The lines were quickly re-set by the rest of the crew as Iain retreated to the cabin for some pain relief. 30mins later, the bait was eaten. We cleared the deck and settled in for the fight. Iain came flying out of the cabin and planted an unbelievable tag shot as the fish flashed itself boatside, securing us the fourth fish and the lead in the Tournament! The final hour was spent in absolute anguish as we hoped we would remain in the lead until stop fishing at 4:00pm. As the clock struck 4, we shed tears of joy as our dreams finally come true- we were bringing the Golden Lure home!

Final Results:

  • The "Golden Lure" Champion Boat Tag and release with 92,500 points
  • Champion Senior angler Dennis Minuti with 80,000 points
  • Most Marlin Tag and release by a boat with 7 Marlin
  • First Marlin Tagged in Tournament
  • Last Marlin Tagged in Tournament
  • AND on the Juniors and ladies day, champion small fry to Ryan Minuti with 3 Marlin/ 37,500 points!

By far our best Tournament result with all the hard work to our awesome team paying off. Go "Team Simrad"!

See all Photo's. Click here...


What a weekend!
OffTap, Rod Grabber , Far From Normal, and X-Rated all scored Yellow fin wide of the drum off JB saturday along with Albacore.

Sunday We (OffTap) trolled further north and scored a few more Albacore for tag points and a nice solid Spear Fish beautifull sea conditions and scoring 8500 points for SZ point score weekend. The Spear fish fell victim to a JB 8" Evil Dingo on 24 kg on the long rigger.

Pics attached!

Other JB Boats fished Sydney Saturday and scored some good YFT and Angie 2 a Spear Fish also, some great water coming down , how mad is ti to see spear fish and Marlin being tagged this time of year.

Dave Fenech.


Blue eye are on the Chew off Sydney, with a few guys getting a feed mid week.

Our New Point Score Season has started from June 1st, which also means memberships are now due i have attached Renewal Forms and also New membership Forms for any new members which also require the Point Score Forms and Boat Rego Form Please remember to either post a cheque or do direct deposit with reciept or remitance as proof of payment with the form completed to me via mail or Email to address on Form to have your 2014-2015 membership Card posted out.

The Jervis Bay Game Fishing Club, AGM and Presentation is on again at The Husky Rsl on the 30th August 2014. Please come along for your input to the Club and Voting, and also to the Preso after to congratulate all the Winners and the awarding of the Bent Prop award for the Best comedy of errors during the 2013-2014 season.

Cheers Dave Fenech.


Bermie YFT 2014
Weekend report from Richard Farrugia Fishing on "Team X-factor"

Saturday Day One,

Started in Great conditions headed wide and started Trolling over the shelf with plenty of stripies around on the surface. Headed south and wide and then back into the shelf with it being very quiet until the late arvo where we tagged a yellowfin and a few stripies.

Sunday Day Two,

Decided to go north and wide Started trolling well wide of the shelf and north for a very quiet morning, by lunch we had come in closer And were trolling back south when we spotted a fish jumping and for the next hour we found every way to drop a fish, we ended up losing a Marlin, 25kg yellow fin just off the leader, An Albacore and numerous stripies. We ended up tagging a small yellow fin and a few stripies by days end. Only good news was our House mates JB Team "On Edge" with their Junior ,Justin Xerri boating an estimated 60kg yellow fin on 15kg, With Caige Fenech On "OffTap" with another Yellow Fin with around the same estimated weight

Monday Day Three,

Decided to head to the same area of the previous day and trolled the area, seemed fishy and there was a good temp break but nothing happened for us. On the radio it seemed quiet except for a Couple of boats tagging some yellow fin. Ended up back on the shelf in the arvo working an area with plenty of bait but it looked better for Marlin fishing than tuna. Saw 1 boat hook up on a marlin. But was very quiet for us other than tagging a few more stripies.

At the presentation to our surprise Liam won champion " Junior Tag and Release Yellow Fin" for X-factor and a great reward for team On Edge winning Heaviest Yellowfin and Most Meritorious with a 63.6kg YFT on 15kg with a Pink Dingo Lure.

Congratulations to Liam and Justin for their fish.

Caige on Offtap taking out the Shootout categorie with Most Meritorious YFT 49.4Kg on 24 on a "Jb Pirate Dingo" which was registered for the Shootout day 2.

And an amazing achievment Jb Member Greg Vella fishing on "On Edge" taking out the Major Lucky Angler Prize the Haines Hunter Prowler and Honda Boat Package.

What a weekend for JB boys.

Thanks Canberra Game Fishing club for a great tournament and the Man upstairs for turning on the great weather.

Cheers Richard


Band of Brothers Sponsor Update

Hi All,

We have just returned from Bermagui where we fished the Canberra Yellowfin Tournament.

The fishing was slow overall with only 5 Yellowfin Tuna weighed between 35 and 63kg between the 81 boats that fished the Tournament. There were lots of small Yellowfin Tuna around and quite a few Marlin.

Our team, Team Simrad, fought and lost what would have been the heaviest Marlin on the final day which pulled the hooks at the boat! Our sister team, Offtap, won the Tag and Release Category in the Shoot Out.

Marketing on Facebook over the weekend went out to 25,332 persons as of today. A number of photos and updates can be seen on our Facebook page:

Prior to the Tournament, we released another How-To video on how to rig a skirted game fishing lure which went out to 10,056 people.

We also ran a competition giving away some Penn gear and Band of Brothers DVD which was seen by 15,004 persons and entered by over 600 people.

Coming up we have the Kiama Game Fishing Tournament on the 31st of May. We will be entered as Team Simrad.

We also will be releasing a new How-To video on Twin Hooked rigged for Kingfish- stats will be posted next update.

We are holding a BIAS Boating “Snapper and Kingfish” Seminar on the 29th of May at the Warwick farm store. Several promotions will be run leading up to this event including the giveaway of a Lowrance Elite 4 GPS/Sounder combo.

Thank you all for your ongoing support.


Please find the updated Point Score for "Jervis Bay Game Fishing Club" Members for 2014 as at 28th March, attached in the Tables below. Please note the Season finishes on the 31st May, with the new point score starting the next day 1st June. Good luck and keep them Certificates coming in.

Dave Fenech


A big thankyou for this write up on the recent Shoalhaven Comp by Daniel Stares, Capt of the JBGFC boat "Conflict":

Hi all just a quick word on the results of the shoalhaven comp that was fished by JB boats: "Off Tap" and "Conflict". With good report from boats that fished the Shoalhaven and Jb Waters Pre Comp on Thursday hopes where high .

Following the great catchup at the briefing day one was welcomed with 20-25 knots of north to north-easterly. Also adding to the affect were four knots of southerly current, but knowing that the fish where caught between the JB Kink and Ulladulla canyons, we knew we where in for a long trip home.

But the hard yards reaped the rewards with team "Off Tap" tagging a blue marlin to "Dave Fenech" around 120kg on A JB "Pink Big Chook" the first time it hit the water ,and "Conflict" tagging two striped marlin To "Jamie Prygiel" with both teams also not converting several other fish. conflict was a head on most Billfish Day 1

Day two saw both crews up early and ready for what was going to be yet another long day with just as many miles travelled by both parties. "Off Tap" Hit the banks with One Lonely But Massive Slimmey Mackerall , 1 Drop and Hooked a Black marlin which was a challenge to chase down through the 20 odd Boats, as quick as it all started it was all over with the hook pulling from fish, Later They tagged another solid Blue to "Caige" with a Brilliant Text book Tag Shot by "Martin Borg" The Blue was a similar size as the previous day on The legend JB "Evil Dingo" and had some bad luck on a few others. " Conflict" stumbled upon a pack of dolphin fish that were attracted to their skip baits and hung around the boat long enough to tag three before they disappeared again. "Conflict" Still Leading Most billfish, Day 2

With the tournament dinner Saturday Night behind us, but with the sore Heads to remind us of what a good time was had, off we went on day three, hoping for a big blue or a large fin. "Off Tap" went wide and found a number of uncooperative stripes. "Conflict" had a quick stop on the banks to tag two kings, then with "OffTap's" report wide, "Conflict" pushed wide with no luck.

All in all it was a great comp with a good outcome for both teams. "Conflict" took out most billfish T&R on a count back and both teams took a prize of T&R composite team. Once again a great time was had by all and we can't wait for the next one.

Hope to see you all at the Kiama comp in a few weeks' time.

Daniel Stares


Jason Piromalli on "Piros Pride" nailed his First Beakie with this Black Marlin Off JB inside kink on the 14th March on a JB Evil Dingo, 1 fish from 5 Hits, last strike of the day trolling back in, His Wife Tanya and sons Marvin and Dylan, did a great job in all the kaos, Jason says he could have not done it without his proud crew. Well Done Buddy, just the start of a heap more to come.

Dave "Offtap"




Well what a weekend. The Bait has shown up with a good Eddie directly out from JB pushing some warn water in OffTap fished the Shelf Saturday, for 2 Stripe Marlin in 80 Fathoms Hit it again Sunday, and Scored a Little Black, just north of the Canyons, Picture shown to left.

Dave Venn fishing on X-Rated Tagged a Good Blue Marlin estimated at 200Kg on a Big Dingo Black/Green , Boys said they were down to the last few wraps on the reel and eventually turned this fish, well done, after unfortunately loosing 4 others after failed hook ups and busted main lines. picture shown to right.

On the Tournament Front
We have X-Factor, coming in the top 5 out of 120 boats at the Interclub at Port Stephens after the first 2 days fishing, after only managing 1/2 a day fishing Sunday, Liam Farrugia a Newby and a Junior to Boot has Scored all 4 Stripes and Blacks, is fishing with his old Man Richard with Skipper Dave Xibberas and Matt as Deckie. Well done boys, Good Luck and Bring it home strong next weekend.

Get out there Boys, good luck and dont forget i need the Tag Cards within 7 days.
Cheers From Dave Fenech


Hi All,
Sorry for the lateness in report, Due to me being one of the few without FaceBook and with good reason, i was not up to date with this report, and due to the fact no one sent it to me direct. ?? Sorry about Pic Quality,as this has only been MMS to me via another site.

Randall Harrison on his Boat 'X-Rated" scored this 195.6 Blue Marlin, on 37Kg Gear on of course his old Faithfull "JB Lumo Chopper" Randall also tagged a small stripe a few days before, all off JB.

"OffTap" , "Rush" (shellharbour Bait and Tackle) and Full Monty Fished the Shellharbour Tournament on the 8-9th, Tournament once again was very well run with the new venue at the Warrilla Bowling club great, This club is organising Cabins at the Warrilla Bowling Club next year , so i will be looking for teams to represent JB and fish this one next year. OffTap Day One, with only 2 up (Me and Caige, I was Skipper for all the doubtfull ones LOL),hooked a estimated 150kg Blue and after missed 2 tag shots , pulled the hooks at the boat.

We also tagged a Small Black same area, later same day, the missed tag shots ended up costing us $2000 for the shootout and several Gategories on top of this, so dissapointing end.

Be back there again, at this stage we will be fishing the Shoalhaven and Kiama Comps ,being held i believe March and April, all info will be sent out to u all as soon as i recieve it.

I will try and do point score update soon as soon as i find the time, there are several changes since last update.

Cheers Dave


Estimated 15kg Dollie caught off Sydney last week by Junior Justin Xerri on X-Factor Well done big guy. Great to see some good water filtering down.

ANGLER: Justin Xerri SPECIES: Dolphinfish  WEIGHT: Est. 15 Kg

Caige and I bagged 3 Albacore around 10kg off Sydney Saturday, Tuna Salads and Sesame Seared Tuna Steaks last 2 nights and a heap of jars of pickled Albie in the cupboard.

Cheers Dave





NSWGFA Bluewater Expo - 22nd to 23rd February 2014

EXPO 1.pdf


Queens Birthday long weekend report.

Great weather was accompanied with some great fishing, with most if not all of those who ventured out wide turning reels.

Tony and Maria Carnevale and Frank Bonacorrsi, on "Marlin Feeder", capturing Albicore Tuna and loosing a good Yellow fin next to the boat. Anthony Bonacorrsi and Randall Harrison fishing on "Marlin Magic" Captured Albicore, a 41.6kg Yellow Fin (photographed) and dropped a Stripe Marlin and 2 good size Yellow fin estimated at 80 kg next to the boat.

Adam Lloyd on "Shes Only 19" ended up with Albicore and a couple of Good Yellow Fin.

Anthony and Valentina Raco with Matt Xibberas and Young Franko on "Domenica III" ended the weekend weighing a 58.2kg yellow fin to Valentina and a 72.7kg to Ryan the first Day.

If u have a report and Photos and would like to share amongst the JBGFC members please forward details to me.

Cheers Dave



Queens Birthday Weekend Yellow Fin

Fishing Report from the Vice President,
Anthony Raco

Hi Guys,

We fished the weekend aboard the team Lowrance boat “Domenica III”- with the new Penn artillery armed and ready. It did not disappoint.

On day 1, I took out a New JBGFC Member, my 16 year old nephew Ryan. I studied the charts the day before and had a good idea where the fish would be. The forecast was average but we didn’t think we would need to be out there for too long. Well, all went to plan and within 20mins of fishing, we found the fish and hooked up shortly after. The 37kg outfit performed flawlessly and the fish was boated after about 35mins. It later weighed 72.7kg. We packed up and were back cleaning the fish at home by 1pm.

On day 2, the forecast was much better, so my wife Valentina and 16month old son Franco joined myself and Matt X. The fish did not rise until 1pm today. This time, the Pakula lumo on the 24kg outfit went off. 45mins later, Valentina landed a lovely Tuna that later weighed 58.2kg. Franco gave here great support throughout the fight- as you will see in the video!

To follow the post, see here:

There are 2 videos on YouTube- one of each fish, each containing sponsor equipment and logos. They have also ben both promoted on YouTube and will be watched by thousands.

72.7g Yellowfin Tuna-

58.2kg Yellowfin Tuna- Be sure to look out for my son cheering the team on!

Anthony Raco


Congratulations to Team "X-Factor" and Team "Offtap" at their efforts at the Wollongong GFC Tournament last weekend.

Tournament Categorie for "Capture Other Game Fish" was won By "X-Factor" with Dave Xiberras as Skipper New membber Ross Powderley on the rod and Matt Xiberras as Deckie Captured a 72kg Yellow Fin Tuna on 24kg after a 4 1/2 hour fight and making it back to the Gantry within a few minutes of the cut off time, Sunday arvo. Pictures attached, well done boys.

Tournament Categorie for "Tag and Release Other Game Fish" was won by "OffTap" with Dave Fenech as Skipper, and Caige Fenech on the rod, fishing 2 up managed to Tag and Release 1 Albicore Tuna to 10kg and 3 Yellow fin Tuna up to 45kg on 15 and 24kg line, with all thanks to X-Factor who called us over to the school and after traveling the 10 odd Mile got into the fish, thanks Buddy.

Action was in 600 Fathoms wide off Bellambie,

Sorry forgot to mention, Yellow fin on Offtap fell victim to the killer lure "Evil Dingo".

And the 72kg YFT on X-Factor is a new record for JBGFC just passing the old record for heaviest YFT 70Kg by Dave Venn in the 06-07 Year, say Sorry to Dave , Ross.




To All Members

Please take note of the new Address of the Recorder and:
Tags and Capture Certificates
To be forwarded to the Recorder Below within 7 days.
JBGFC Recorder Dave Fenech
PO Box 129
Huskisson NSW 2540

Mob: 0418 118 068


JBGFC Progressive Point Score Entries for 2015-2016 to 2009-2010 seasons

Final Point Score JBGFC 2015-2106 season.pdf

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JBGFC April 26th 2015 Point Score Update.pdf

JBGFC Point Score 13 April 2015.pdf

Progressive Point Score JBGFC as at 30th January 2015.pdf

JBGFC 2014-2015 Point Score as at 30th October 2014.pdf


Final Point Score JBGFC 2013-2014.pdf

Progressive Point Score JBGFC 28th March 2014.pdf

Progressive Point Score JBGFC 25-01-2014


2012-2013 Final Point Score JBGFC

Progressive Point Score JBGFC 23 May 2012-2013

Progressive Point Score JBGFC 11 May 2012-2013

Progressive Point Score JBGFC 2012-2013

JBGFC Progressive Point Score at 30-11-2012


JBGFC Progressive Point Score April 2012

JBGFC 2011-2012 Progressive Point Score 1st February 2012

JBGFC Progressive Point Score August 2011(Rev)


Revised JBGFC 2010-2011 Progressive Point Score as at May 5th 2011

JBGFC 2010-2011 Progressive Point Score as at May 5th 2011

JBGFC 16.03.2011 Progressive Point Score

Overall Current Point Score JBGFC 19th January 2011

JBGFC November 2010 Point Score


Jervis Bay Game Fishing Club Final Point Score 2009-2010

JBGFC Progressive Point Score 31st April 2010

JBGFC Overall Point Score to 31st March 2010

Updated Point Score JBGFC Overall Categories 15-03-10

Updated Point Score to 31st January 2010

Updated Point Score to 30th December 2009

Updated to 30th November 2009

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Marine Rescue Jervis Bay

Please remember to log on with Marine Rescue Jervis Bay when venturing outwide. You can make it a lot easier for yourself by obtaining a JB number- so you don't have to give ALL your details every time you log in. These people look after us, so let's look after them! Contact Marine Rescue Jervis Bay for more details on:
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